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PVC NFT hydroponic channel 6

Product Name: PVC nft hydroponic channel.

Materials: PVC Resin.

Appearance&Color: Clean smooth White plastic channel.

Application: Used for Greenhouse, Orchards and Farms.

( Such as: Lettuce, spinach, vegetables, 

Strawberry seedlings, Tomato Seedling and son on).

Sample: Allow ( Free).

Quick Details

Specification size:

Type: Separate assembly Type 6. 

Outside Width: 100mm, Outside High: 160mm.

Inner Width: 85mm, Inner High: 148mm.

Holes diameter: 50mm, Distance between the centre holes: 200mm. 

( Holes and distance can according to client's need to design). 

Length: Suggestion is 2.9meters each piece, 5.8meters each piece, The container can loading more goods.

( Also as client's need to produce).

PVC NFT hydroponic channel 6

Product Features:

1, Corrosion resistant, Compressive strength. 

2, Acid resistance, alkali resistance. 

3, Low friction coefficient, high value of utilization. 

4. Anti-UV protection.

Packaging & Delivery

Packing: Plastic Film Packing, Or Carton Packing, Export Standrad packing.

Delivery time: After sign PI and receive prepaid, Can give you loading and shipment in the shortest possible time.


PVC NFT hydroponic channel 6


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