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  • NFT Hydroponic planting box
  • NFT Hydroponic planting box
  • NFT Hydroponic planting box
  • NFT Hydroponic planting box

NFT hydroponic planting box

Product name: NFT Hydroponic planting box.

Type: Single box.

Materials: ABS Resin.

Appearance*Color: Clean smooth White box.


Balconies, Halls, Courtyards, Gardens Vegetable And melon and fruit hydroponic planting.

Sample: Allow.

Quick Details

Specification size:

Type: Single box.

Length: 60CM.

Width: 24CM.

High: 10CM.

Planting Holes quantity: 12 holes.

Planting holes Diameter: 60mm.

( Including Hydroponic box with cover, Net cups with hydroponic sponge).

Can Normal Application.

NFT hydroponic planting box

Advantages of Hydroponic Equipment:

1, Soilless culture ( No bacteria, No worms).

2, Vertical planting ( Efficient use of space).

3, ABS raw material production, Health and environmental protection, Sturdy and durable.

4, Corrosion resistant, Compressive strength, Acid resistance, alkali resistance.

5, UV protection.

6, Low friction coefficient, high value of utilization. 

Packaging & Delivery

Packing: Plastic Film Packing AND Carton Packing, Export Standrad packing.

Delivery time: After sign PI and receive prepaid, Can give you loading and shipment in the shortest possible time.


NFT hydroponic planting box

NFT hydroponic planting box


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